Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

فیلم مستند از زندگی اما گلدمن را آنلاین ببینیم

 فیلم در سرور یوتیوب حدود 1 ساعت

PBS American Experience x Emma Goldman 

وقتی که دیگر نتوانیم رویاپردازی کنیم، مرده‌ایم. ــ اما گلدمن
به برکمن گفتم : « اگر بار دیگر عاشق مردی شوم، بی آنکه خود را مقید به خاخام یا قانون کنم به او عشق می ورزم و وقتی شعله‌ی آن عشق خاموش شد بی‌اجازه ترکش می کنم.

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The Story of Emma Goldman (Full Documentary)
"Emma Goldman was more of an activist than a thinker. Nevertheless, she made a lasting contribution to anarchist theory by giving it a feminist dimension which had only been hinted at in the work of Godwin and Bakunin. She not only stressed the psychological aspects of women's subordination but made a creative synthesis of personal individualism and economic communism. As a lecturer on anarchism, agitator for free speech, pioneer of birth control, critic of Bolshevism, and defender of the Spanish Revolution, she was considered to be one of the most dangerous women of her time Ever since her death her star has been rising in the firmament of reputation." - (Peter Marshall, Demanding the Impossible)
For more, I recommend "Living My Life" by Emma Goldman

PBS - Emma Goldman
1:30:00-Vor 3 Jahren
My first upload to the net in years! Documentary on Emma Goldman. I also have an actual interview with her. It's only 15 seconds or so long, but WOW! Enjoy.

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